Wednesday, April 23, 2014

A celebrity in BVI

Cindy's Birthday in Saba Rock

Joel and Cindy spent a week floating around Virgin Gorda, Peter Island, Norman Island and Cooper Island. They enjoyed more the tranquility of the boat, to read and sleep in the morning and to watch the scene. Those were good days of intense hard work, there was not a lack of the generosity from them, we were invited to eat out several times. Although I honestly prefer to cook. Finally we went to Biter End, in Virgin Gorda, where we spent two days. Partly because we had good internet connection and also because the Captain caught a terrible cold. There we celebrated Cindy 's birthday at Saba Rock and I baked a gluten free chocolate cake, coated with cocoa sauce and grated coconut, tout fait à la maison.
Birthday cake
During dinner, the restaurant manager came to our table and talked to us for a long time, about the tarpons they feed every afternoon to entertain tourists; and celebrities who have visited the Island and the yachts anchored in the bay. "Ah! Harrison Ford was here this afternoon. "He said proudly. Cindy and I opened our eyes. The funny thing is that that morning, in search of water and fuel for the boat, we took a tour around the bay, watching the yachts and writing down the names to look it up online. Among them, there was one with an inflatable slide at least 40 feet tall. Our host told us that was nothing more and nothing less than the HF yacht.

Next morning, before leaving for Trellis Bay, on the island of Tortola; the Captain gave us another tour around the harbor, Cindy wanted to see the “slide” closer. It was 10:00 am. “What is the chance that HF is awake?”. We all said. I sat on the deck, if there was any chance, I would be in the first seat. We passed about 50 feet from the yacht, we saw a waitress carrying a tray in her hands with a cup of steaming coffee, I could almost smell it. In the back of the boat there was a beautiful table with flowers where a family gathered around. They were enjoying breakfast peacefully until we arrived. We didn't want to interrupt, so we just kept on going. Then we recognized him, his gray hair and features are unmistakable. Everyone at the table looked up to stare at the intruders. I said goodbye with my hand from the deck, as usual salute at sea. Harrison was the only one who waved back. You can not imagine what this this Creole girl, big fan of Indiana John did: I started jumping up and down of joy. Really, what is the chance one has to find a celebrity and that he returns the greeting.

After the great experience our captain provided; I got behind the wheel, he went on deck, "Bow to the wind! Raise the sails!" And Salty Shores began his journey to the canal between the coral Cactus reef and Colquhoun reef. That morning we had the first north swell of the season. The fact is that the waves seemed like a wall, at least 10 to 12 feet high. Joel was in heaven, longed for a brisk sail, and he got it. Cindy got seasick, but the rain helped cool the nausea and when the storm stopped we were at the entrance of Trellis Bay.

After lunch, we said goodbye and Jim took them to the dock. Their trip in Salty Shares ended, but a new adventure was awaiting for them in Tortola, where they had booked a hotel. To us, however, the big clean up was expecting us, change of linens and prepare a dinner for our next guests; who were arriving at 4:00pm.


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