Saturday, January 31, 2015

It's the journey, not the destination

We left the vineyard at 1 o' clock, to go to La Rochelle. In our way there, we visited different sites.

During low tide the boats seat on the mud

Old house covered in vines

The river La Gironde was very important for the transportation of goods and wine. The little houses were set up by the fishermen who cough a variety of fish.

While in the region of Cognac we bought some Pineaut, a delicious aperitif drink and cognac, bien sure! 

We follow the road by the river and found beautiful sites, marinas and cute little markets where we bought our lunch. We pick-nicked at the entrance of a little canal that opens at high tide to allow boat to enter and leave.

Suzac Beach, near Royan

French people love camping
We were meeting some friends in Royan, where they keep their boat in a marina: but for some reasons they couldn't make it. We decided to check it out anyway. It turned out to be a very touristy and busy place, full of big mansions along the water front and many many restaurants and boutiques.

Then we had a nice stop at Marennes, just before Rochefort, and shared a dozen of delicious aquaculture oysters from Olerón. French are very proud of their oysters and we are happy for them and for us, since we are oyster monsters, Yum! Yum!

She opened the oysters and her English was good

We arrived to La Rochelle at 7:20 pm. Our Friend Chantal was very happy to see us, unfortunately Jacques was with his new boat in Port, Portugal, and we couldn't see him on this trip. But our hostess was unbelievably nice. She went way out of her way to entertain us. Of course Aldo, her dog, couldn't be more adorable. We had been planning that trip with them since we met in St. Lucia 2 years ago.

To be continued...