Sunday, January 8, 2012

Impressed by the islands

The plane landed at 9 o' clock. We couldn't see anything but the teeny tiny lights that looked like they were suspended in the air. “Of course.” I thought, “those come from the houses on the mountains.”

Our friend Skip picked us up at the airport at 9:30, and all the way back to his house I looked out of my window at everything happening, the people, the cars, the building, the big trash containers. I was impressed by the similarity of this place and certain areas in Cuba, specially Santiago the Cuba in the eastern part of the Island where I was born, the ethnicity, the architecture, the fashion, the plants, the open houses with the people seating on the front porch drinking with their friends.

That night we had a late dinner with Skip and Andrea (our hosts), celebrating the end of the year with champagne and toasted Olive herb bread. We finally put the 39 loaves in individual zip lock bags and into the freezer they went! Our friends really love this bread and can't find it in St Thomas. We had great company, good food and drinks. I was looking forward to seeing more of these beautiful islands.