Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Recovery day

February 15th. I call that day, recovery day. A cup of coffee in the morning to get our wheels moving, a nice ride to customs and immigration to clear in and out and a walk to a budget marine store to get fuel filters.

Once back to the boat, Jim had a nice project to finish: clean the toilet pipes, (no comments). Then we had lunch and took a power nap to wake up with a great idea: “To transfer and to filter the fuel”. The preparation was quick; he took a roll of paper towel, some hoses, funnels and rescue tape, the next step was to get on the floor and do our best holding the fuel cans, hoses and wiping everything constantly to keep the diesel from spilling on the wood. Then he put the new fuel filters, I watched and assisted, that's the best I can do.

It was a relaxing day after all, reading and doing “little projects”. At night I made tuna sushi and sushimi, my spicy tuna roll version wasn't to bad.