Monday, April 23, 2012

Standing by the sleeping beauties

Sunset at the Pitons

We couldn't have a better trip to the Pitons, we made it in four hours, it was cloudy, but even though the bright colors were hidden, the two sleeping volcanoes welcome us.

Picking up the mooring was very easy with Jahvin's help, the boat boy, who chased us when we got in to make some business and took us to Sufraire on his boat, where we cleared out the island. He did a nice job driving along the bigger Piton; on his 10 feet long boat with 70 horse power outboard motor. At the meanwhile he was telling stories about the town, the hurricane and the battles between France and England for the island.

The town of Sufraire wasn't too exiting, but we had a nice walk around it, bought four pounds of fresh Mahi-mahi for lunch and sat down at the water front park to wait for our ride back to the boat.

We waited until 3 o' clock to go snorkeling while Archie swam in the beach of the Pitons Resort. Oh, life is good! But boating life is full of emotions. I was wondering why the dinghy kept filling up with water when I found a crack all the way across the fiber glass bottom. That started another tragic-comic episode of our trip. Any way we couldn't do anything until we got to Bequia, the Grenadines.

So that night we took a ride on shore with some people we met in the marina a few day ago and were on a mooring next to us. We took a taxi together to a Resort in the hill called La Ladera, very recommended by the cruising guide: “its spectacular view from the bar-restaurant called Dashin will blow your mind”. And it does. It's like seating on front of a high definition TV. “When you get there” he insisted “You'll say, wow!” And guess what? Wow!

Petit Piton

Gros Piton