Friday, August 7, 2015

Canal du Midi is the place to be

This trip was in his bucket list, ever since I fist met Jim he was talking about doing a canal trip in France. In the other side it was a friend of ours dream too. So she joined from Palamos and the three of us started this beautiful adventure.

Jim and I at Capestang for lunch
Carine and Aristotle
After introducing the Captain and crew lets check out the boats.

Hotel Barge

Floating camper
Our boat La Moissagasse
We saw a lot of live aboard in the canal and the boats went from luxurious to original.

French people are outdoor people. The canal gets used by kayakers, sport fishermen, bikers, people sightseeing, and runners. I asked a Frenchman how do they manage to stay slim after a 5 course meal, his answer was decathlon.

We visited Carcassonne by car and it was so worse it. I have never seen a castle but in movies and books. I was really mesmerized by the beautiful preservation and the history.

We pick up the boat in Capestang and from there we started cruising north toward Carcassonne. We could not get there and back in one week so we just took our time and enjoyed the trip.

Since we didn't have a lot of time we decided to go as far as we could the first day. Of course one can't go to far at 5 miles per hours. So we spent the night in the beautiful town of Someil.

Barge store in Somail
That night we had dinner at a wonderful restaurant and we also learned that it's important to make reservations early, because they only prepare to receive certain amount of costumers and it takes French people 2 hours to finish a meal. It's a social event.

France is a pet friendly country
Ice was store here during the summer
House in town of Somail
To continue...